HP Reimagine ROI Series

The Reimagine ROI ads that I co-produced for technology giant Hewlett Packard and ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners were a series of four commercials that were brilliantly executed by multi-talented director Adam Patch. Patch made all the difference while working at John Madden’s Goal Line Productions, especially when you’re working with animals, special effects and a tight schedule and budget. As you can see, each commercial is cohesive in its design, precise in its message and striking in its visual style. Overall, these ads were a great success.

Life Technologies Series – Tales from the Bench

My first foray in the biotechnology industry as a media producer started with a collaboration between friend and owner of Center of the Universe (COTU) Media, Mike Delano, and our client Life Technologies. Along with Life Technologies’ marketing team, we created a digital series of short interviews featuring key opinion leaders in the area of genomics. Not only did we quickly overcome the language barrier of science, we created a memorable platform to help the marketing team engage with their customers.

Ride Apart Series

As one of the architect’s and producers of the original Ride Apart series it was definitely a feather in everyone’s cap of how to produce a lifestyle show with very limited funds. The originally web series aired on the Drive Channel and was instantly recognized for its west coast landscape, onscreen antics of hosts Wes and Grant and its very relaxed California vibe. Also, it was great to collaborate with my friend and very talented producer/director Mike Delano, who owns Center of the Universe Media in Long Beach.